The opportunity to utilise TEC has been highlighted in a number of National Health and Social Care strategies, which also draw attention to the absence of a meaningful platform to implement such changes.

Digital enablers including TEC are pivotal in delivering new service models and the programme office will form part of the action to deliver “national standards for rapid evaluation of all innovation and improvement activity, using a value-based approach to measuring quality and outcomes”.

The approach to mainstreaming Technology Enabled Care in Wales has been slow and at times disjointed.

In 2014, Mid Wales Health Collaborative initiated A review of telehealth, telecare and telemedicine in Wales, 2016.

It covered activities in the areas of access and transport, cardiology, dermatology, falls prevention, psychological therapies, management of long term conditions, obstetrics and gynaecology, palliative care and professional clinical networks. 

It concluded that while excellent work has been undertaken across Heath Boards a lack of clarity around user and business needs, managing the tension between standardisation and customisation of services, and finding a means to prioritise and scale up projects that can demonstrate benefits, have proved difficult.

Our journey so far

In June 2018, a National Programme for Technology Enabled Care was initiated to provide oversight, cohesion and structure to Technology Enabled Care activity in Wales, with the aim of;

  • establishing a National Programme Management Office (PMO) to coordinate an all-Wales approach
  • understanding and driving the adoption of best practice in Technology Enabled Care
  • providing a platform for upscaling technology pilots who have demonstrated tangible benefits and cost savings

To date the programme has engaged with projects and services across Wales and the Home Counties to investigate new and alternative models of care.

Establishing a network of relationships and partnerships across health and social care organisations, academia and private providers, has informed an understanding of the breadth, potential and scale of opportunities in TEC.

Funded by Welsh Government’s ETTF scheme and hosted by Aneurin Bevan University a number of pilot video consulting projects were initiated to inform and evolve the programme, PMO processes and structures.

The programme is also developing a Project Register for TEC Cymru acts as a ‘live’ central resource for users to understand what TEC activity is planned or underway in Wales. It aims to improve the visibility of projects.

You can also visit the Evidence Library page to access collection of primary and secondary research evidence and supporting documentation. This may be a helpful resource when planning or developing TEC projects to understand what evidence already exists.

As TEC Cymru, the programme will build upon its review of the evidence base to recommend future priorities and investment while providing a space for people to share, collaborate and learn about TEC in Wales. 

If you are interested in finding out more about TEC, please visit out How we can help or Information pages.