What is Attend Anywhere?

  • Attend Anywhere is a web-based communication platform that allows video appointments to take place between patients and clinicians.
  • These appointments can take place anywhere, such as at work, school or home.
  • Attend Anywhere is accessible via any type of device that has Internet access e.g., smart phone, tablet, Laptop or computer with a webcam running Chrome or Safari browsers to use it.


What are the benefits of using a video consulting service?

  • Save on time, travel and carbon foot print
  • Reduce transport and travel difficulties
  • Improve patient accessibility and choice 
  • Reduce time off work, school and other responsibilities
  • Reduce impact on your health and others (e.g. leaving home too much travel, spreading germs) 


How will it work?

Your health or social care provider will give you a website address for its video clinic. Most services will give you an appointment date and time when you should start your video call. You do not need to download an App or create an account.

Video consulting is not suitable for all types of consultations, for example, if you need a physical examination or a procedure. Your health or social care provider can advise you on what is appropriate for you.


What are the Key Features of Using Attend Anywhere?

  • No installation or downloads needed – the service is web-based, so easy to use.
  • It is free for patients to use (except if using mobile data).
  • No recording of the video appointment is possible.
  • Safe and secure virtual ‘Waiting Rooms’ and ‘Meeting Rooms’.
  • Confidential and anonymised.
  • Automatically tests the call for video and audio, to check the device is suitable.
  • Automatically asks the patient to accept the camera and microphone for easy access.
  • Comparable treatment, care and support as an in-person appointment in many ways.