The purpose of the Evidence Library is to centralise and organise evidence regarding the use of technology in the field of Video Consulting, Telehealth and Telecare. The Evidence Library will be particularly helpful when planning or developing projects to gain an understanding of the evidence that already exist. By collating the evidence into a central location or structure, users will be able to review the information much easier, which will assist the user in determining whether to implement TEC systems or whether further research is needed before investing time and money.


Who is it for?

The evidence library is for use by those with a professional interest in evidence relating to the use of technology including: Clinicians, Health Boards, Local Authorities, Project teams, Policy leads, Service providers, Researchers.


What will it contain?

The Evidence Library will contain primary and secondary research evidence and supporting documentation. It is hoped as TEC Cymru develops it will also incorporate evaluations, lessons learnt etc. The evidence will be classified according to the hierarchy of evidence used in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and will include: Systematic reviews/Meta-analysis of RCTs, Randomised controlled trails, Cohort studies, Case-controlled studies, Case series/reports, expert opinion.


What will it be used for?

The Evidence Library will be used to promote evidence-based decision making and providing resources to support and substantiate future projects using TEC in Wales. It will also signpost users to evidence and resources such as the latest publications on Video Consulting, Telehealth and Telecare.


How and when will it be refreshed and maintained?

The Evidence Library will be updated monthly. This will include a search of the literature/resources using a keyword search. The library will be updated on an ongoing basis to add any new evidence around TEC.

  • Proactively updated monthly (online search of relevant databases)
  • Ad hoc contributions via TEC network
  • Database alerts for keywords