What is TEC Cymru?

TEC Cymru are providing a national platform to enable the sustainable use, scale up and spread of value added technology.

It aims to;

  • Act as a lead coordinator for TEC opportunities and projects 
  • Develop and promote a consistent, objective and evidenced based approach to evaluating benefits
  • Identify, prioritise and scale up TEC activity areas which demonstrate a higher value return
  • Provide best practice approaches to governance and assurance to enable rapid and repeatable implementations
  • Inform and contribute to policy and a National Delivery Plan for TEC in Wales.

Our aim is to achieve this through collaboration and partnership with health and social care organisations, academia and private providers.


What is TEC?

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is the use of technology by professionals and citizens that supports the promotion, self-administration, monitoring and delivery of care.  TEC aims to prevent, manage and control harm or illness, slow down the progression of care needs and maintain and promote independence in the home and community.