Powys Teaching Health Board- Telehealth 'Florence' Text Messaging System

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Florence is an evidenced based text messaging system that collects readings or symptom information remotely from patients and/or sends reminders and health tips to support them to self-manage.  It supports patients to increase their interest and capability in self-managing their condition in-between clinical contacts and increases compliance with clinical guidance. 

Health Board
  • Powys Teaching Health Board
Partners / funding sources
Start date
  • Lessons learnt
  • Outcomes
  • Outputs
  • Securing funding for role to support roll out of Florence.  
  • Securing buy in from clinicians; using Florence takes time to obtain buy in.
  • Access to hardware, connectivity.
  • Florence does not currently link up with existing patient records, there is the possibility it may do soin the future with some development. This will be complex with multiple systems in use. 

Florence benefits patients by - 

  • Empowering them to become more involved in their healthcare and more knowledgeable about their condition
  • Less time spent attending and travelling to appointments 
  • Feel they have a better access to services
  • Providing reassurance; patients on Florence have commented about feeling cared for and thought about.
  • For health professionals Florence can provide -
  • Better availability of data to assist diagnosis and early intervention
  • Greater patient adherence to treatment leading to better outcomes
  • Provision of care – right time, right place complementing existing services
  • Productivity gains resulting from less travel and timely face to face contacts
  • Better value for NHS resources
  • Patients and clinicians using system
  • Protocols created
  • Feedback from patients and clinicians