PainChek AI Pain Assessment

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Background of Project

The accurate assessment of pain in some individuals presents health care staff with challenges. Most of us rely on the fact that we can verbalise our pain and seek appropriate pain relief. However, for patients and residents who cannot verbalise easily or whose verbal communication fluctuates this is problematic. Paper based assessment tools have existed for a while but rely on training and correct interpretation from the health care provider. Additional time is also required to record the findings in health care records. PainChek is an app-based product using AI to interpret the results and holds the additional ability to transfer results directly to patient electronic health records where available.

Project Aims 

To Demonstrate.

Patient outcome / care home improvements

  • Medication
  • Pain levels
  • Quality of care metrics (NICE)
  • Additional measures (depending on capacity of staff)

That staff will use it

  • Challenges with Abbey Pain Scale
  • Ease of use with PainChek
  • Clinical potential of the tool
  • Documented increase of pain assessments

Cost savings to care homes/NHS

  • Reduction in pain medications
  • Reduction in Hospital admissions
  • Reduction in outpatient appointments
  • Staff time/staff engagement with patients
  • Less medication waste?



Apps Evaluation Artificial Intelligence Telehealth
Local Authority
  • All Wales
Health Board
  • Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
Partners / funding sources

PainChek - Intelligent Pain Assessment

Life Sciences Hub Wales

Gwent Regional Partnership Assistive Technology Fund

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