Occupational Therapy Patient Assessment

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Occupational Therapists used Video Consulting technology to link a patient with a commercial provider of slings. The technology was used to allow specialist measurements to be taken to manufacture a customised sling. 

The technology used was Skype.

Video Consulting
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  • Powys Teaching Health Board
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Getting sufficient image quality to allow accurate measurements to be taken (in a rural setting).

The patient had little or no internet signal at their home and hence the measurements had to be taken by OT staff with the patient attending the OT office.
Sufficient detail obtain in the remote, VC based, sling fitting process to allow a custom sling to be made.

Correct fitting of a sling.
Correct measurements to allow a custom sling to be manufactured. 
Reduced mileage of either the HB staff or the manufacturers’ representative.
Reduce pain and discomfort for the patient in travel.