Invest In Your Health

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Long term condition management.

Invest in Your Health is a free NHS course available to anyone who wishes to make positive change to their health and wellbeing. The course is especially useful for people who are wanting to learn how to live well with a long term condition. The course has 5 modules focusing on skills to build better health, make healthier choices, manage mood, stay active and to stay connected. People can choose which of the modules to attend after they have attended the building better health module. The course is available in the community and participant can also opt to do the course via Skype.

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  • Powys Teaching Health Board
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Live Service


2019 Additional Funding Requested To Extend Useage To Other Areas

Recognition of the use of VC applications across Powys Teaching Health Board, espcially in a large rural environment. 


Go Live 2016

Funding secured and project commenced

Challenges include:

  • Encouraging people to use Skype when they might prefer face to face contact
  • Bandwith in rural areas
  • Limited to use Skype when more stable alternatives might prove preferable
  • Service users empowered to manage their health through self management practices   
  • Less time spent attending and travelling to appointments    
  • Productivity gains resulting from less travel and timely face to face contacts
  • Better value for NHS resources     
  • Reduction in DNA's, travel cost and hours savings
  • Monitoring and feedback from service users