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MedTRiM (Medical Trauma and Resilience Training) is a pro-active, peer delivered resource for supporting those exposed to trauma in the workplace. MedTRiM addresses the legal, moral and ethical duty of care of the organisation by providing pre and post exposure support with minimal disruption. MedTRiM makes a difference through normalisation, education and mobilising social support. MedTRiM does not replace other clinical services but has been shown to sustainably make a difference.

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Coronavirus Digital Solutions Fund Mental Health
Partners / funding sources
  • Welsh Government
  • NHS Wales
  • DNA Definitive
  • Health Education Improvement Wales
  • Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
Start date
Completion date
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17th May 2021Completed

In summary, this pilot has made it easier and more accessible for healthcare staff to access training that can support their wellbeing. It has also opened the door for a blending learning approach for trauma management when social distancing is no longer required. The pilot gave DNA Definitive the opportunity to create and test new online learning materials – providing a training resource to support the NHS of the future.


11th March 2021

122 medical practitioners from across Wales went through the pilot and their feedback will be instrumental in shaping future iterations of the course. The course is now available as part of the ongoing Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW) training suite. The final project review is due May 2021.


23rd November 2020

MedTRiM launches in Wales.


July – September 2020

Course designed, text and learner resources completed, video content shot and edited, plus clinician consultation.


22nd June 2020

MedTRiM chosen as one of five projects under the Welsh Government’s COVID-19 Digital Solutions Fund