‘CWTCH’ (Connecting With Telehealth to Children in Hospital/Healthcare).

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Aneurin Bevan University Health Board are - testing the use of telehealth in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). The telehealth project is called ‘CWTCH’ (Connecting With Telehealth to Children in Hospital/Healthcare).

CWTCH is offering virtual appointments using an NHS-approved communication platform called ‘Attend Anywhere’.

CWTCH is expected to reduce waiting times, travel time and costs and help reduce other challenges such as experiencing distress attending in-person appointments.

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MEDICAL WARDS - Paediatric Wards

The original CWTCH remit was to link up paediatric wards and CAMHS Emergency

Liaison Team. Since implementation of CWTCH, there have been four successful telehealth appointment between paediatric wards in Nevill Hall Hospital and Royal Gwent Hospital.


IMPROVED CARE CASE STUDY Home Comforts Reduce Distress - CAMHS

In December 2019, a patient in Ty Bryn Unit was booked in for a regular follow-up appointment but was expressing distress about attending in person. A telehealth appointment was offered by her consultant psychiatrist as an alternative.


Emergency cases - the first CAMHS Telehealth Case in Wales

In September 2019, CWTCH conducted its first telehealth CAMHS ‘emergency assessment’ in White Valley, St Cadocs Hospital.