Cardiff Council - ARMED Project

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A wearable device that collects data from the user.  Data is sent to a cloud based solution (MS Azure) and predictive analytics that have been pre-set result in a flag rating.  Flag ratings range from 0-4, with 0 being no intervention required, and 3 being immediate action is required. Operators will proactively contact the user and advise them of any corrective measures they must undertake to prevent a fall from occuring.  There will also be a 'wellbeing' visit from a new post being created, a 'Wellbeing Officer' who will perform an MFA within the home and correctly signpost onwards to the appropriate service.

The service is aimed at over 65. The technology type is telehealth, telecare monitoring and data gathering. The solution is ARMED (Advance Risk Modelling for Early Detection).

Health Board
  • Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
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It's a pioneering project using AI via predictive analytics. This has only been trialled in a 'scheme' setting and to the community. This is the first project of its kind in the UK.


Due to Go Live

April 2020


Scoping Exercise



Selecting participants

Users reluctance to embrace tech


Incorrect signposting

Lack of awareness of preventative services

Fragmented healthcare system

To identify falls before they happen

To reduce our total number of falls

Prevent hospital admissions due to falls

Improve quality of life for users

Promote self management of health and wellbeing

Reduce total number of user falls within user group - measured against control group

Reduce GP calls

Reduction in WAST calls

Potentially reducing package of care