Caerphilly Local Authority- ARMED Falls Prevention Project

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ARMED technology (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) will be used to gather various activity and health data from project participants that will then be subject to predictive modelling through the ARMED system which will identify risk traits. This will enable early intervention and reduce the risk of the participants experiencing a fall.

Apps Artificial Intelligence Telecare
Local Authority
  • Caerphilly
Partners / funding sources
  • Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • CRT Team
  • Telecare Team
  • United Welsh Housing
  • ARMED is part of the H.A.S. Technology Group
  • DORO Mobile
  • Primary Contact: Rebecca Simmons, Telecare Manager
Start date
  • Updates
  • Full Project Report
  • Lessons learnt
  • Outcomes
  • Outputs

Funding Secured


Purchasing Process Underway


Project Start Up


Initial Pilot To Last 6 Months

Initial pilot to last for 6 months. Then an evaluation phase before consideration of possible scale up. 

Predictive Modelling using readings from the following devices / sources:

  • Activity level / polar loop
  • Physical condition / body composition and grip strength test

Each individual will upload the data via a smartphone app.

For the community arm of the this project each person will be issed with a DORO smartphone / telecare alarm.

  • Encouraging people to participate
  • Securing support from healthcare professionals
  • An analysis of falls before and after
  • An analysis of the partipants overall wellbeing before and after
  • An analysis of the number of ambulance calls and hospital admissions
  • Reduce the number of falls