Improved care case study - Telehealth appointment offered as alternative, to patient anxious to attend clinic. 

Lady taking into phone

In November 2019, Emergency Liaison Team had been experiencing some difficulties arranging with a young person to attend an appointment in-person who was anxious to come in-person to a clinic.  

A telehealth appointments was considered an appropriate choice for the young person, and when offered, this was accepted without any concerns.

The young person demonstrated contentment in the telehealth appointment, as he was able to sit in his own bedroom using his own mobile phone whilst having CAMHS support, causally drinking cups of tea brought to him by his grandmother.

The two clinicians who conducted the appointment comment on how the young person was able to better engage via technology than he would have done so in-person.

The appointment was reported to have gone incredibly well by everyone involved, with a high level of satisfaction and suitability.