Bids are open for an £800m framework which is designed to allow NHS Digital to “develop strategic relationships” with a small selection of suppliers of software-development services. 

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Crown Commercial Service, as the authority, intends to put in place an agreement for the provision of digital capability for health for use by NHS Digital and other public sector health and social care bodies for the provision of digital outcomes and supporting services. The agreement is being developed with NHS Digital as the Operator, who requires digital capability to meet specific needs of the health and social care sector.

NHS Digital requires suppliers to invest in understanding their specific organisational needs and bespoke delivery of their services to meet requirements.

This framework will have approximately 12 suppliers with whom NHS Digital can develop strategic relationships over a sufficient period of time, to warrant up-front investment in framework level supplier agnostic competition, whilst maintaining effective and efficient competition at call-off. Building of closer strategic relationships will encourage suppliers to improve and innovate on their delivery of services. This will be achieved through ongoing collaborative partnership or supplier relationship management activities based on feedback from call-off contracts and MI reports.

Bids for a place on the framework are open until 24th September 2020.

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