The NDR will be critical in linking care, clinical and quality of life outcome data to determine best treatment. Therefore, improving the management of chronic diseases jointly between GPs, hospitals and care providers will be esential as well as developing routine reviewes of costs and outcomes to support a value-based health and care approach. The NDR will be play a vital role in enabling future service planning by analysis of regional health and care needs by providing the data to drive a more efficient, innovative and productive health and care service. From the various stakeholder engagement sessions the need analysis was distilled into an agreed vision and strategic objective for the NDR to support “A Healthier Wales Vision”. The NDR will enable improved teamwork and communication between all stakeholder groupings to positively impact the health and social care system in Wales by leveraging data as a key asset. Key elements therefor will be information when and where it is required; quicker and more robust decision making; reduction of waste, cutting out duplicative effort; improved safety with fewer errors and end-to-end care pathways.