The Game Plan

Part of the NDR programme was also to take stock and reflect on what has been delivered and achieved in Phase one in view of various challenges such as the Covid 19 pandemic over the last two years. In order to stay focused on targeted deliverables for Phase 2 of the programme the NDR strategy was assessed and reviewed and approved by the NDR Board in March 2022 and adopted by the DHCW Board early April 2022. The future success of any NDR will be determined by the effectiveness of the strategy it follows and outlines the plan of action to achieve the vision and set objectives. The NDR Strategy will also guide the decision-making processes as well as the effective use of resources to achieve key objective and is based on five pillars:

1. Current State Assessment and Emerging Themes

2. NDR Data Vision and Strategic Goals

3. Tailored NDR Target Operating Model

4. NDR Conceptual and Logical Architecture

5. Strategic Roadmap