Data is critical to the NHS and Social Care

  • Without high quality, consistent and fast data, the NHS and Social Care could not function
  • Data underpins decisions at every level across health and social care
  • In Wales, electronic information is the currency used in every carer – citizen transaction and every operational decision


We're in the midst of a data revolution

  • Artificial intelligence and data science have played critical roles in industries for decades, but only recently have we started to see the full potential of ‘big data’ analyses in health and care
  • Bring together all patient data in one place using common language and technology
  • Encourage investment in Wales by providing a more open access data


It will be critical to improving health and social care

  • Improving the management of chronic disease jointly between GPs and hospitals
  • Linking clinical and Quality of Life outcome data to determine best forms of treatment
  • Developing routine review of costs and outcomes to support value-based healthcare
  • Enabling future service planning by analysis of regional health and care needs
  • Providing the data to drive a more efficient, innovative and productive health and care