22.04.2022 - NDR Stakeholder Engagement Session 

05.04.22 - Spotlight on the NDR - DHCW Staff Conference

15.12.2020 - Catch up on the NDR technical deep dive webinar

09.12.2020 - NDR technical deep dive webinar

  • The second webinar in the series will explore the architecture and technical themes of the NDR, focussing on innovation and collaboration.

04.12.2020 - Catch up on the NDR launch webinar

04.11.2020 - NDR Webinar Series Launches

  • NDR launches a series of online workshops to discuss and showcase the important work that is happening across NHS Wales linked to the NDR.
  • The first event is an opportunity to learn more about the programme and will be interactive with a 30-minute Q&A panel at the end.