In line with the Welsh Government’s ambition of getting a million Welsh speakers by 2050, Bangor University will be hosting a one-hour workshop focusing on translation resources and technology.

Date: Wednesday, 10 November, 12:00-1:00 pm

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Welsh Government describes the need for a “modern translation profession that maximizes the use of technology and linguistic resources”. This technology consists primarily of translation memory and machine translation, which has the potential to save money and significantly raise the productivity of human translators.

With Welsh Government funding, Bangor University is working to establish a long-term system for collecting data from public agencies in Wales, in the form of parallel translation memories and other relevant texts, for redistribution and sharing with other translators and relevant agencies.

Can you support the first health-based machine translation system?

This workshop is aimed at decision-makers, senior leaders and those who can authorise the sharing of information from within the health sectors in Wales.

The data collected will also be used to create pure machine translation systems, and language models for developing other technologies such as speech to text transcription. By March 2022, Bangor University hopes to publish the first machine translation system specifically for the health sector in Wales.

The workshop will share information on the project and invite public bodies and agencies to collaborate with Bangor University by sharing their translation memories and other relevant data, receiving the memories of other organizations in return, and contributing to the development of domain-specific machine translation.

There will be an opportunity during the workshop to discuss matters such as data confidentiality, copyright and licensing issues, and learn more about the technology. There will also be an opportunity to discuss ideas and ask questions on the technology and the project.