Join us, and Digital Health and Care Wales, for an open discussion about how to design and deliver robust and reliable digital solutions.


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Some requirements are hard to specify, some decisions are hard to make. It can be tempting to default to what’s been done before, a SQL database with custom schema, a monolithic application, and manual interventions to scale capacity, ignoring new technologies and techniques.

Digital Health and Care Wales will be hosting an hour-long discussion focussing on best practices when it comes to persistence, performance and procurement.

The session will focus on your experiences of designing solutions, selecting the right technology, and specifying exactly what you need from procurement.

This event aims to bring together people across the public and private sector to share knowledge and spark ideas about the decisions we should and could be making when it comes to technology. The final part of the discussion will focus on how procurement shifts decision making to the bidder, and how we can ensure good decisions get made

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