All healthcare professionals working in Wales are welcome to attend this session designed to provide support for the introduction of established digital services such as remote Telehealth as well as new technology including “virtual wards” and “remote monitoring”. The 90-minute online workshop will focus particularly on the practical application of these services both for patient and practitioner.

Poster for Masterclass

Digital remote monitoring of patients at home has been a long-established concept but has only recently seen increased adoption. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Telehealth, Telecare, and video consultation have become more mainstream and the emergence of the “virtual ward” is an increasingly attractive option for the NHS at large to deal with the winter pressures and keep patients safe in their own environment.

In response to the many existing healthcare challenges being faced, including scarce availability of hospital beds, digital services can provide new solutions for patient care and a multitude of opportunities and benefits for patients and clinicians.

We heard from four key speakers on this subject which included time for questions and discussion.

We Covered:

  • When do you become responsible for the patient data which can now be collected remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Where do you stand when responsible for a patient who can be many miles away?
  • How do you ensure the safety of my patient when I can no longer be with them?

Event speakers

  • Prof Brian McKinstry - General practitioner and Emeritus Professor of Primary Care eHealth at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Prof Kier Lewis - Professor of Respiratory Medicine at SUMs and a Consultant and Respiratory Lead at Hywel Dda University Health Board.
  • Dr Rajiv Sankaranarayanan - Consultant Cardiologist and Heart Failure Lead at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Cheryl Griffiths - Clinical Manager of Afan Virtual Ward at Swansea Bay University Health Board.


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