MediWales are hosting a series of webinars bringing together some of the inspiring stories of how our community has responded to the pandemic by adapting, innovating and collaborating.


We have a great story to tell with the development of new health innovations, significant advances in diagnostics, support for clinical trials and manufacture of essential equipment to support the Covid-19 effort.

They are also running a lead feature in the LifeStories magazine alongside our webinar series, which will be published in August.

Join them on the 22nd of September for this digital health focused webinar. This webinar is sponsored by AliveCor who will be opening the event.


  • AliveCor, Sean Warren, Business Director-UK&I
  • AliveCor Supporting Speaker, Matt Reed, Professor of Royal College of Emergency Medicine, and Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
    • A real world experience of ambulatory ECG monitoring in the acute clinical setting and beyond
  • SymlConnect, Sabarna Mukhopadyay, CEO
    • A digital transformation, empowering patients to promote clinical monitoring and efficiency
  • Bond Digital Health, Viktoriya Agova, Marketing Manager
    • Beyond testing: Covid-19 and the value of data
  • Concentric Health, Dafydd Loughran, CEO
    • Transforming how, and where, we make decisions about our health
  • Simply Do Ideas, Lee Sharma, CEO
    • How the NHS is unlocking the wisdom of the crowd in the fight against Covid
  • Roche Diabetes, Jeremy Lewis


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LifeStories Live: Digital Health Transformation
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