Linking Up with School Mental Health In-Reach Pilot Service

School in Gwent

Following a serious incident, CAMHS emergency liaison can offer a postvention assessment to young people attending the school affected. This can decrease referrals and demand significantly to CAMHS.

At times like this, emergency liaison teams will lower their threshold and see as many of these young people as possible. But there can still be delays in reaching out to all of the young people in need, and often some young people will not want to attend a CAMHS appointment in-person.

CWTCH is now being offered to schools in Gwent on occasions where referrals are likely to be higher, or when a young people would prefer the support via their schools. This service will provide a quicker and more suitable line of support to pupils and school staff when needed.

This service will be set-up between the CAMHS Emergency Liaison Team in St Cadoc’s Hospital and the support of a Mental Health In-Reach School Pilot Service currently running in schools across Gwent.

Denise Cowdell says “using this technology in schools following a serious incident can allow young people to receive almost immediate access to CAMHS emergency liaison service”