The group is made up of over 30 of Wales’ leading data science and informatics professionals, including representatives from DHCW, Welsh Government, ONS (Office for National Statistics), Health Boards and local authorities.

Co-ordinated by the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales (DHEW) and the National Data Resource (NDR) team, the group was established to support and drive progress across Wales’s digital health ecosystem, with a view to meeting the strategic priorities set out in the Welsh Government’s Statement of Intent: Better use of health and care data for safe, effective care and efficient service.

This aims to promote a more data-driven health and care system, focussing on enhancing data collection and quality, improving skills and resources, developing digital solutions to support implementation and management, and developing a framework for managing, using, and sharing data. The Advanced Analytics Group was created as part of the NDR work programme to achieve these aims.



The transformation of health and care delivery through digital technology relies on increasing amounts of data and analysis. Analysts and teams across health and care have been developing exciting and innovative ways to improve sharing data, supporting clinicians and care professionals and improving patient outcomes and it was identified that sharing of projects, experience and best practice was a priority.

Alongside this there is a growing chasm between clinicians and those in patient-facing roles, and the data science community – both of whom are reliant on health and care data but could communicate more effectively in order to utilise it fully.

As such, the AAG aims to provide a strategic and technical focus to bridge this gap, and support stakeholders in becoming more organised, co-ordinated, and efficient in how they work. The AAG works to ensure Wales’s health and care sector has the right experts looking at the right problems, and ensuring the right problems are being dealt with the right resources.